Simplify your Hydronic wiring projects. Eliminate wiring mistakes by using any combination of our pre-wired components which connect thermostats and valves, pumps and boilers with our unique rail with conductor track. Our products are designed so that you cannot install them incorrectly. Snap-In is extremely versatile, quick to learn and fast to install, does not require twist on wiring connectors and our push fit wiring terminals save you from using a screwdriver. 

​By Scanning a QR code you'll be linked to a single page of simplified instructions and diagnostic lights show you the operation and errors. Our rails are extendable and our custom metal boxes can be joined and expanded easily. Wiring guides make rough-in simple.

​The controls are capable of providing multiple heat demand signals making connection to today's high efficiency condensing boilers quick and easy and commissioning is fast - no need to individually confirm each thermostatic call for heat.

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​Modular Hydronic Controls

Installation instructions and specifications are available in English, French, Simplified Chinese and Punjabi​.